i died for first god of unvierse by taking his death forever and he would have died if world war 3 has not happened so why world war 3 must happen now and why i and my genies family have trouble ?

i was loving god of universe and i said i will die for you forever by taking your death and i died and i was still alive because i love torah truly and many gods truly but gods and there genies believed if world war 3 doesnt happens then god will die and they all will die so they started finishing my family and abusing my family and forcing my family  who are genies to make them porn stars and force them become beggers and show me what is truth by saying if you go against us we will show you what is power. Many gods wanted to make my true love bad and make them porn stars because they wanted me to be killed by saying because of me god will die and god becomes lie by you only. If because of true love god is becoming lie then his true love is true and he is lie from true love. So why didnt all genies and gods knew truth until i wrote this here and understood truth why they didnt save my genies family to be rich and respected and make there lives happy because i was earth god too and one god of time too and last of torah too and last of universe too. How can planet earth gods and genies do this with me and my genies family. I made the world of god good by bringing jikami code and told truth about world of god that all gods and all genies are just talking of truth of reality of life and nothing else.

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