I Told Everybody Will Come To Know Truth About Me And A Genie of Some God Said You Will Not Be Alive Until Everybody Comes To Know Truth

I just said in my mind everybody will comet to know truth about me and immediately a genie of some god said you will not be alive until everybody comes to know truth about you  and we will kill you from time and nobody will come to know truth not even your god. But after death life exist so how come god will not come to know truth and who is at mistake will be punished and if human is not at mistake known after death to god then its gods who lets there people come into reality of humans again by giving life again so why did that genie said we will kill you until everybody come to know truth about you. Was he using knowledge like first they will erase proof that i am true and kill me and then proof me of there religion after death so they will keep my soul in jail because i will not be having consciousness after death and they will play with me using human parents emotions and sentiments and i will do whatever my parents says. Does my god knows this ? if not who will tell him truth because if i didn’t tell that i am originally jewish my parents or someone will proof i am of some religion who are my enemies.

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