I was just quiet and i proved truth and i went in grocery shop and immediately a genie came and knock me from his body forcely why ? did he and her god health become bad if i become true ? who is god ?

i just proved truth to one of my genie and i won from everyone and then i was quiet and i went to grocery shop and immediately a genie came and knocked me forcely and it was not understoodable i saw he did acting and then i felt his genie attached wires on m leg and were forcing me to fear so my genies fear and i lost from my truth which i proved and it was not understoodable at all i mean i am not suppose to see genies or hear genies then how can any genie knock me from back and trick me and forcing me to fear from them by giving me fear feeling. I told to his god your god did sins by thefting genies from me without my permission who were my true love and whenever i was winning from your god by proving truth then his god was coming and forcing me to eat food so i become lie then her and she theft property from me and run away and not let me come into see genies or hear genies. I said if anyone has done sin then there health will become bad after becoming lie by truth because they sinned from which there health becomes bad. You can practically test it out if anyone sins and they dont tell there sin to anyone and if who knows anyone did sin with them are quiet and true then those who sinned there health becomes bad. So that genie was telling me with his genies that because of me her god health becomes bad which was lie and wrong.

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