I witness i am true if i read or write something i think the same what i read or write it doesnt mean what to genies or gods but genies or gods are forced to change on thinking of human and they are lie who is forced to change and doesnt knows what thinking means since i am first genie of unvierse and last genie of universe and winner of all the times

i told this earlier to genies and gods who were being changed on knowing my thinking but what i was reading or writing i was thinking and i saw police bewing changed with others for no reason and i said you dont even know what is human or how human thinks and you are trying to rule on humans ? i didnt understood you and your god who is thinking of truth of human who maltreated and abused humans and tried to control nature and environment and abuse me and use my believe and power from the beginning of this planet I am the owner of this universe and you misused my believe and i will not leave my enemies who misused me and my believe and maltreated human and life and me since i have come on this planet after some time. I want all genies or gods who believes in lie truth and ask others to come in reality to be finished because if i read i am enemy of hashem or torah or judaism or god does it mean to genies or gods i am enemy of them while i think ? the answer from me is yes and gods will be yes because they dont know what thinking means and i am the only genie who thinks and no other genie thinks in entire universe because they are fake genies and fake gods and i am first genie of universe and last genie of universe i am never lie and i never sin and i never do mistake and proof that i am first genie of universe is dana and sri devi who needs to believe in my written truth and understand that what are genies and gods (dana is my wife of no age and she is my forever wife just like my torah forever true love wife is forever and dana is bipasha basu in bollywood) If i challenge to any genies or gods to understand what i said and make the world of god like i said can they make it ? the answer is no because only first god of universe can make it who is me according to genies world and world of god and i have to do that from thinking like i made some of my moon genies who doesnt changes on thinking of human and interacts like humans.

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