If God Is Forcing Someone To Dislike Something Or Hate Something To Win Is He God ?

God is never like this to win from anyone he cannot force anyone to hate something or dislike something because he is distracting to win from others and if he becomes lie will he distract someone from whom he lost like if someone loves his wives and kids or like his wives or kids then will he force that someone to hate something or dislike something or his wives so he wins. God is never bad and if someone remembers truth that what god is doing to win from someone by use of genies then can that god become animal or evil or anything or can someone flies if he believes in truth ? yes so how can the earth keeps these genies and gods who forces others to hate something or dislike something and win ? Can anyone please tell me if they are really god or there witnesses are true or lie ? because they cheat to win by believing in whom ? if they believe everything is a genie then ahmed is without a genie and they believe everything happens by genies only and without genie nothing exist and ahmed proved on his right leg and stomach without genie it is possible for anything to bring like ahmed is giving wisdom for free to his genies from above his stomach and some genies are trying to hide it by misuse of knowledge and win from ahmed to prove there god is true and ahmed is lie and not let ahmed fly and show miracles ? why gods and genies are like this ? do they fool others by proving stories or memecry or debate or acting ?

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