If i believe in your god then your god power will be increased so why should i increase your god power so your god power increases and your god uses his increased power on me to control me

i dont understand at all please practically test what i am saying and i speak truth and there is no such thing as truth in front of me. If i believe in your god then your god power increases because he becomes true and when his power is increased he uses his power to control me and can misuse me and even kill me or do anything with me so who is that who forces others to believe in there god so there god power is increased and his god uses his power on others who believes in god who ask to believe in him forcely. I will not believe in your god or any god so there power is increased and i will prove i am true and i already proved i am true and i won from everyone and i dont want anyone to believe in me forcely. If you dont have understanding then learn understanding from life who can teach you what correct understanding means and you will know why other gods are forcing you to believe in them to be true.

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