If world war 3 doesnt happens will earth god die ? How

Gods inside earth says if world war 3 doesnt happens earth god will die but how ? Because everything happens by eaeth god inside planet earth so whether world war 3 happens or not it doesnt matter to earth god and even if everything is finished inside planet earth then also nothing happens to earth god because from earth god only all gods and everyone gets property and life continues so who are these gods who fools others by proving if world war 3 doesnt happens then earyh god will die. Earth god is that who have earth root in his head which is not a genie. What gods inside planet earth believe that our time becomes bad if world war doesnt happens and they dont know everything inside planet happens by earth god only and to bring world war 3 they fool all gods by saying if world war 3 doesnt happens earth god will die by proving earth god is just one god of time made by them ? Or someone by trying to win from talking and doubts with all gods inside planet earth. Why gods inside earth believes we know we created our time and nobody else and if there time changes is it because they sins which life inside planet earth remembers it and gods says our time is changed because of life who never sins and they must do sin and oroved as lie so we become true.

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