If You Are True Then You Are Seen And If Truth Is Hidden Then You Are Not Seen

If everybody already came to know truth that someone is not sinner then truth is revealed so justice must be done immediately because genies are seen to others when they become true from everyone so don’t you think after truth is revealed to everyone if justice is not being done then original god or one god doesn’t exist because only on truth god do justice and after truth is revealed and after few seconds truth is hidden again no justice done by original god of universe or one god even after knowing truth it proofs original god of universe and one god doesn’t exist. Because when genies becomes true they are seen automatically by nature so if truth is revealed then automatically justice must happen. So all those who says original god exist and one god exist are lie. Because once truth is known to everyone, original god and one god must take action immediately even if truth is hidden by someone. Is it just nature in which who becomes true then they are seen and if truth is hidden then nature cannot do anything where nobody have control on nature not even original god of universe and one god.

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