If You Need Help From God Go And Tell Your God In Your Country Why You Are Going To Police Station To Complain To God ? How Human Will Complain To His Unseen God ?

A genie is of religion a from country a and he is in country b and b religion people stays in country b now if genie a has to complain on any human to god how she will do complain ? by going to police station in country b because her god is in country a and how human will complain to his unseen god living a country which belongs to country b with what of genie because human cannot see and record proof of a genie of a religion who is disturbing or forcing him to sin or killing him. Why cannot genie a complain directly to her god who is of country a from country of b religion god. Does genie of a religion god original god or not or one god or not ? it proofs all gods are lie who listens to recordings and fake truth of humans who are forced to talk bad from there mind by these genies only.

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