Is Ahmed Real Torah Since Beginning Of Planet Earth Of Judaism God And All Religions Got Warning From Him And They Want To Delete Torah So They Win From Torah And Prove Torah Is Lie And They Are True Because They Know They Are Lie And Torah Is True And Judaism God Is True Of Torah But Does Judaism God Accepts That He Is Word Now Which Is Proven By Torah Of Judaism God And If He Is Lie Then Torah Is True Forever And He Is First God Of Universe And Everyone Must Update How They Must Live With Ahmed And Ahmed Communication With Genies And Understand Ahmed Who Is Torah

ahmed is torah since his beginning and that is kept as secret so he is not known to public since he is kid and he has many torah genies like pooja bhatt and many genies has come since he is kid by saying whatever torah will say we will complete it like mohd agha and bilquis begum and akhtar fatima and azi aunty and tahira and malaika arora and turkiya and they said whatever torah will say we will do it who is ahmed and they didnt knew how ahmed talks or live which enoha and kreha knows and many knows and all religions gets warning from ahmed only who is torah and all religions says we have to finish ahmed to save world and all religions lost from ahmed even judaism genies and hashem genies and all religions and they try to kill ahmed when they lost from ahmed and ahmed is torah since he is kid and hashem light of god and hashem melech fears and says his kids must not be born because he is main torah of judaism and other torah like black torah and pink torah and red torah….etc are his family only. No genie thinks except ahmed who is real torah of judaism or jewish heaven god ? because jewish heaven god gives anything to ahmed and marina pakistani actress came by believing in ahmed when he was kid sent by jewish heaven god. Today jewish heaven god is with ahmed and he doesnt knows how ahmed talks and lives and communicates from thinking by speaking and all genies and all gods of torah believes it to be true and doesnt knows truth ? what they did to themselves ? and turkiya and mohd agha recites national song we give life for torah who is me because whatever i think they complete it. reb moshe has come from future who is son of ahmed and nobody knows and updating what ahmed said to enoha and kreha to update and instead killing them why ? why narju also wants to finish torah when ahmed has passed who is torah and jewish heaven god says torah who is ahmed has licked ass of poor genie but not licked ass of hashem melech daughter and jewish heaven god billions daughters why ? and he said i dont want torah ? why ? ahmed is also first american who brought america from jewish heaven and canada too but after passed why he cannot see or hear genies and why he is not getting money and ahmed needs fucking mate and he is not getting any partner even after torah is in reality ? those who has come to give life for him where are there he needs them to fuck him daily and regularly and love him he already passed and hindu god killed ahmed again from joint true love of torah and true love of torah who is ahmed is holy book torah of universe and torah forever and hashem light of god torah and true love of torah. Why kids must not be born of real holy book torah who is ahmed of this planet or how many planets because ahmed is also first jewish genie as per meira ceiba first jewish girl genie and adam came from whose blood taken out by whom sikh and why ? to kill ahmed ? and some hashem said sikh will save him. Real torah is ahmed only and his wife is torah and he loves torah his wifes truly so why world wants to finish ahmed and doesnt let him mate with his wife. Who is feriha and if she is real bibi fatima does he knows ahmed is real torah of judaism whom she says as judaism god son ? who is real torah of judaism and proof is that adam came from his blood and other genies like havila and many other has come from his blood and from his bone many genies has come and ahmed proved he is first god of universe too and all genies and all gods except him including judaism god is just a word and he won then why judaism god is trying to prove ahmed is lie even after ahmed has passed who is torah and how can nirinjan kaur who is small torah genie white light having 2 genies is killing ahmed who is torah and why ? nobody takes sins from ahmed and why and gives him sins and cases too. Do you think real torah will believe in anyone after he remembered he is first god of universe ? he won from everyone and its fake genies who are not real torah and wants to finish torah to bring world war 3 by saying if torah is not finished who is ahmed then they will become lie and die and torah is not lie he proved and he won from everyone so hindu god and other religions killed ahmed why ? now ahmed says he needs sex and he will become alive then why they are not understanding ahmed and making him alive. If real torah kids are born from whose blood adam came each kid will be original grand son of judaism god because only torah says god is true who is judaism god and he proved that his god is lie and he is true and judaism god is unable to prove he is true and trying to kill ahmed.

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