It Is Must For Genies To Become Alive Otherwise They Will Not Know What Is Real World Of God

if genies becomes alive then they will understand what is real world of god and they will be able to talk and discuss and win easily from other genies and it will be very good living after becoming alive and after they have become alive they need to learn understanding of knowledge of truth of ahmed from official university of ahmed and they will not lost from anyone. It will be like challenging original genies competition with anyone even with those original genies who changes shapes or doesnt changes shapes because original genies who changes shape they also lost from talking of truth and if anyone learns ahemd knowledge of truth then its very easy to win from any original genies who changes shape or anyone who says they are of god because knowledge of truth means if god is lie then he is not god who stays in world of god and his health becomes bad when anyone remembers truth so he lost from talking of truth and it proves that god is not real god because he gets lost from truth and for real god he doesnt lost from any truth he creates truth and his lie is also true because he is always true but if any genies or gods doesnt updates themselves according to what god said and lives how god wants them to live then they are also wrong. If god says i talk in stories and when i talk to genies its talking and when i want to make something good or bad then its my miracle.

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