Life mind voice on anything of reality thought makes thought as genie inside air or nothing of reality

life mind voice on anything of reality thought brings it as genie and the genie which is voice from mind of life becomes lie from another life mind voice then the voice of mind of life who is genie tries to win by doing anything and he becomes true from life mind voice from reality from someone who tells if he is true or lie and life mind voice is thought and dream and memory and thinking and understanding too. life mind voice who is genie looses only from life mind voice of truth because he cannot be quiet and instantly reacts as he is weak and thought and can die from life mind voice and he comes in reality when he becomes true and truth genie goes in his body in whom he believes in come in reality and if his truth becomes lie then genie of truth from there stomach in whom they believed disappears because he is just life mind voice and he cannot even talk like human just ask them to talk like human with other human from life air where they travels. practically test it out what i said is true or not and you will understand how genies and gods are just life mind voice and life mind voice means voice which is said from mind of life and once the life mind voice comes out with imagination it becomes as inside air which is not seen to life. Genies and gods says inside air they are true and they proof and bring things into reality to life but if they become lie from life mind voice then they disappear from reality and they sometimes becomes to die. Life mind voice who is thought as genie can bring many genies inside air when he becomes true even when he doesnt have mind. When life mind voice believes in something of reality to be true by saying its really god and it will come i believe something of reality as god then it comes as thought in air when life says it from mind by believing.

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