Life talking from mind means nonsense (challenge to all genies in everything as a genie sense)

Life talks from mind and its nonsense for them because its not true for them and there talking is nothing but just temporary investigation and believe in truth which temporary investigation ends. Genies and gods visits life when they take name of god and ask why did you call us and life like humans dont even know what they nonsense from mind with genie or god in there head becomes true by genies or gods who gets power increased from talking of trurh of life from there mind which is nonsense because they dont have consciousness on talking from mind and they dont know wuth whom they are talking like rich or poor or any god. So from billions of years and the starting of life genies or gods didnt understood after they existed how exactly life talks and they dont know life talking from mind is nonsense only. Practically test by going in head of life and talk and say you are talking to your god and do you want to kill god or anyone who can try to kill your parents who are alive or dead and they will say yes. It proves life talking is nonsense because its just talking which they know is not true because thet dont know there talking from mind cannot become true. From talking of life from mind which is nonsense genies and gods continues to live and there power increases and they are able to control life and bring anything in reality and they lost from talking of truth of life and since life doesnt know what nonsense they talk from there mind genies and gods who believes in life talking to be true they caee on life and give trouble to them and until they talk nonsense by saying what they said was not true which was there nonsense against any genies or gods there cases are not finished and genies and gods who changes on talking of truth doesnt stops giving trouble to life. Please check my blog link talking of truth of life is genie or god.

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