Life talking is temporary talking and if life feels something in his stomach he talks differently which proofs life talking is nonsense only and life is controlled to speak forcely differently because of genies giving feeling in there stomach

life means adam cast and whatever life feels in there stomach they do it and life first understands from which there fate is made of liking something or loving something by feeling in there stomach because of forced by genies. Life just understands something because of remembering something and genies believes whatever life understood which means talking for them is true so genies doesnt know real truth that life understands or thinks or dreams or thought which is like hearing a story or investigating or planning which is not real and genies believes it to be true and makes it happen. Genies needs to understand what is truth about life talking and they will not be able to change because genies existence happens from thought of life mind voice and they cannot be ever like life and at any time they will become like genie if they become lie by life mind voice of truth. So in simple sense genies just makes life fate by knowing there understanding which is there talking because when life understands there fate is made on there forehead.

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