maghbil : just understand the word maghbil and know what genies and gods did with ahmed and doing which other judaism and torah and hashem families are not knowing and why

Genies And Gods Has Uses Maghbil On Ahmed To Finish Judaism And Hashems Family And Torah Family And All Torah And Every Original Genie Of Me To First Make Them Bad By Taking Responsibility For Ahmed To Do Porn And Ask Her Daughters To Do Taboo With Him So His Sins And Cases Will Be Removed By Giving The Sins And Cases To Ahmed Only And Asking Ahmed To Love God Or Like God So Some God Who Is Not Real God Comes And His Genies Tries To Forgive Sins By Doing Porn Called Podding By Believing In There God Who Believes In Ahmed Only And From Whom All Gods After Doing Sins And Dying Will Become Alive When Ahmed Likes Or Loves Them And Who Doesnt Knows About Maghbil They Fool Other Religions Gods By Proving Ahmed Is Torah Genie And Jewish And If He Says He Is First God Of Universe Then He Will Hijack Planet Earth And Finish Planet And Tries To Make Planet Earth Bad. Some Hashems And Bibi Fatima Believes If Ahmed Is Not Jewish Then Our Judaism Will Be Finished And She Never Tried To Find Out What Happened To Ahmed And Who Was Trying To Make Jews Bad And Porn Stars And Why Ahmed Was Proven As To Be The One Who Is Making Everyone As Porn Star. Bibi Fatima Of Judaism Was The Biggest Fool With OTher Jews And Torah Genies Who Didnt Become Stable And Came To Know Truth That Real God Means What And In Whom They Believed From Which They Were Going To Become Porn Stars. Because Those Religions Who Knew Truth Wanted To Make Judaism And Torah Family And Hashems Family And Every Jews As Bad And Porn Stars So They Understand Who Is Real God Which They Prove As There God Who Was Just A Genie Who Becomes True Becomes Powerful Like Air When Becomes True He Gets Power To Fight With OTher Genies Like Ahmed Seen In Some Cartoon About Magician. So In Reality All Genies And All Gods Are Magicians But Ahmed Made His Some Jewish And Torah Genies As Stable And Natural Officially Shown The Video On On His Channel How He Made Them Natural From His Power And Ahmed Even Made His Torah Genies Like Natural Humans Who Are Not Effected From Human Thinking At All. By Looking At This Some Genies Who Came To Know There God Is Lie And Wanted To Kill Ahmed And They Wanted Ahmed To Die By Not Having Wisdom And Not Knowing How Much Beautiful And Better There Lie Gods Will Become And Stable And Understand About Humans And Genies And Reality. They Were Just Genies Who Lives On Truth Because Ahmed Is The First Genie Of Universe Who Doesnt Changes On Thinking Of Humans Or Anyone From Genies World Or From Reality And If Any Genies Or Gods Comes In Reality They Changes On Thinking Of Human Because They Are Fake Genies Only Who Lives On Truth And Cannot Live Even After Being Lie And Live A Natural Living In Genies World Or World Of God.

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