Misrepresentation Of Genies In Reality In Front Of Humans ? What Humans Believes When They See Humans Looking Alike Who Are Genies ?

Genies doesnt even have wisdom and consciousness and intelligence when they come in reality and when they come in reality they proof to others they are good and intelligent and talk nicely but when they are inside human body what they do on knowing talking of mind of life or on understanding of life they take revenge without knowing truth what human means because they are effected and if there videos are recorded and posted on internet what will happen if any human understands or thinks bad on them like bollywood have genies who can do anything who just talks anything on anyone which is nonsense for life because talking is not real of human from there mind which they know. I am telling truth so my genies are real and true and accurate and my genies will never be bad who are my christians and jews and universe genies but not those who are my enemies. if life is not in consciousness from mind and they dont know what they are saying is listened by some genies or can kill them or hurt them then it not true and those genies never knew truth and created religions to maltreat and abuse and rule on life.

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