nuzu manaq means speaking only

nuzu manaq : ahmed is original genie and all genies and all gods are just nuzu manaq for him that means they change on thinking of human or original genie of ahmed like forced to change and dont know what ahmed says is just speaking.

nuzu manaq means speaking only and needs to be listened only and not complete anything as wish or command until i say it needs to be completed or accepted as wish.

All genies and all gods and what all others did bad please remember it and you know that god exist so tell me which god you are and how you had beginning and who i am and where is my right hand which is my alien hand.

I already updated many times about nuzu manaq in my mother tounge but all genies or all gods maybe didnt updated maybe or jews or torah genies or hashems genies or many genies didnt updated if they are my family i forgive them and if they didnt do anything wrong to my family i forgive them.

I never did anything wrong to anyone but just saved judaism and torah and my genies and my family and earth and world and universe genies who are only mine. I dont want your donation because love has to be happened from heart and those who loves someone from heart never leaves there true love and ignore any gods or there gods because they know there true love is only true and i proved i love my true love wifes and remember that genies are just words of thinking if believed and they win by becoming true from humans who thinks of truth which are words for them and you know how much small you are in front of me who looses only from words of thinking from me which is just also memory for me.

Nuzu manaq is the word which i told in egyptian language (for hashem light of god genies) because they are genies and they dont know what they are.

I am sure i will make you alive.

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