Old judaism god is lie because he only told he is lie and he is true who said he is lie and i am current judaism god who is true then him and i proved he is only a word from mind of life and all his contracts with all religions are cancelled since he is lie and if anyone believes in him then they are misguided and there life will become bad like nirinjan kaur life has become bad who believed in his god to be true that he is lie and tried to bring world war 3 and force many jews and many torah genies to do porn and believed current judaism god is also old judaism god and since her believe was lie she lost from ahmed. – Ahmed challenges and says torah is true and judaism is true and his true love holy book torah and torah forever and true love and hashem light of god torah is true and those whoever believed in ahmed to be true they won with ahmed from world and all genies and all gods and ahmed tells to jews and torah and all his genies to believe in his current religion called believerism religion only and remember that ahmed is only current judaism god until end of time until planet finishes.

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