Original genies are forced to keep there mind clean otherwise there victory is gone from there mind

original genies are forced to keep there mind clean otherwise there victory is thefted by those who remembers words of truth from which mind of original genie is lost. For original genies there is no such thing as love or hatred or family or relationship or even there genies or anything because he or she is forced to keep there mind clean and they know if they dont keep there mind clean there victory which is there some truth which kept there mind clean makes there mind wrong so they do anything to keep there mind clean by forcing anyone to sin or forcing anyone from whom there mind is lost and they prove to others after making there mind clean they are good and nice and of purity and control others until there mind is not lost. In simple sense it means if mind of genie is clean then the genie will control other genies by keeping her mind clean after her mind is cleaned by some truth and she can do anything to keep her mind clean if it becomes bad like cheating and fooling because cheating and fooling means sin only and at any time if any original genie who believes in my truth understand that cheating and fooling is also a sin because by believing in god genies cannot cheat or fool to win so at any time any genie can remember about how genie cheated or fooled using which tricks and tell officially to everyone then those who cheated there health becomes bad when genies remembers truth how genies cheated or tricked and who fooled or tricked becomes to die when everybody comes to know truth that someone cheated or fooled to win from someone and sin or mistake or crime happened and who was misused gets victory. Original genie must keep there mind clean only by remembering earlier truth from whom his mind lost and they must clean there mind clean by finding out truth why they lost from whom there mind lost and remember truth that her mind lost because of someone remembering words of truth and he or she got victory to know truth from someone who lost from some truth. Original genies knows if nobody comes to know remembering of anyone then for them god doesnt exist and genies thefts and cheat and fools and if nobody remembers that someone thefted or cheated or fooled then god doesnt comes to know truth and genies proves its there’s and god who are all genies who takes action after coming to know remembering about thefting or fooling or cheating takes action that someone is sinner who proves he or she is true.

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