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Truth Doesn’t Have Evil Sinner Nature In It

You already know god is true and all gods of this planet says they are true but do they know what is truth ? because all genies and gods when becomes to die there nature is changed immediately and they say for them there is no sin and there is no good deeds for them and they do anything to win from anyone by proving they are true to live and not die by anyone true memory from reality. Do you really believe truth has evil sinner nature in it like having evil sinner sentiments and like having evil sinner emotions to win from anyone by cheating by saying they know what is world of god about. Because all genies and all gods of this planet earth and even of universe they are forced to change when they come to know they are going to die or something bad is going to happen to them or to there family and what they do to survive and continue living ? you can practically test on this planet earth to find out truth about genies and gods by just remembering true memory from reality of humans and see how genies will cheat and lie and what they will prove to win from anyone from whom they get danger. A truth is always beautiful like me and it doesn't have any evil sinner nature where i become evil sinner to win from anyone by making etiquette's bad. If truth is used for anybody else then it must be used with good etiquette and must not be used by any bad understanding to make any genies bad or any gods bad to win or do argument to win by using evil sinner etiquette or sentiments or emotions because truth must be used only with good etiquette. I am truth and i am beautiful truth for everyone. If god is lie then he is never true.

If Human Sins And Changes His Religion Will He Be Caught As Sinner In New Religion ?

If human sins and changes his religion, will he be known as sinner in new religion or he will be proven as sinner in new religion just like he was declared as sinner in his old religion. Even if the time is changed of human after he changes his religion then its because he never sinned and if he has sinned then only he will be declared as sinner otherwise he is not sinner. Gods and Genies can simply prove truth and win for there human in there religion but if human has not sinned originally and changes his religion and earlier religion time is being changed and religion gods and there genies are declared as sinner then human has not sinned and if there are any sinners then its only old religion genies and gods who sinned by misusing human and by controlling human through putting genies, souls and dead ones in there body for him to sin by not being in control of themselves and declare him as sinner to continue there religion correctly because when he converted to other religion he is not declared as sinner as he doesn't think whether he sinned or not and he doesn't remember whether he sinned or not if human really sinned then even after changing religion he will be remembering that he sinned so if any religion says the human who changed his religion has sinned and because of him there religion time is being changed then they are lie and wrong and they forced the human to do sin by controlling him by putting genies and souls and dead ones in there body and forcing him to sin. So if time is changed of any religion or religion god or religion genies then its because of religion gods and genies who did sin by forcing human to sin by putting genies and souls and dead ones and and not updating in there religion that they forced human to sin. Even if human changes his religion to any religion then also if he did sin in any religion he will be caught that he sinned and if he didn't sinned then he was controlled by religion gods or religion genies who forced him do sin by putting genies and souls and dead ones in his body and misusing him. If human is forced to remember that he sinned and how he sinned then its not what human has done because those who forces human to remember what he did has actually sinned because if human do sin then he will be doing sin from mind and he will be remembering that he sinned and was in consciousness and without having pain in head and without any trouble by having peace in mind. If human is not with peace in mind then he has not sinned those who are not giving peace in human mind is forcing human to sin and they are declared as sinners. God is never wrong and those who doesn't believes in original god of universe are never true and if religion gods or religion genies gives there sins and mistakes to the human who changes his religion without telling him when they are caught then new religion must terminate those religion gods and religion genies in order to save there human because human will not be able to remove sins and cases which are put by older religion gods or older religion genies who will put there sins and mistakes after being caught by believing in the human who was controlled by them to sin.

Difference In Invisible Spiritual Porn And Reality Porn ? (porn must not be done in any circumstances)

Invisible spiritual porn is nothing just a feeling and without smell and without body material and without seeing body or hearing voice of partner so if any genies or gods do invisible spiritual porn then if any genie in there body believes that when a human or genie did invisible spiritual porn that one partner is getting smell then that partner will get smell after genie believes smell will come and even hairs will be seen only by feeling which will not be seen in reality of him but will just be a feeling only and if the one who is doing invisible spiritual porn doesn't believes its hair and moves his hand from hair which has come as feeling in his mouth then it will not be moved and if the one who is doing spiritual porn believes its hair in his mouth as feeling then after believing its hair then hairs will be moved. So there is no smell and no body seen and no voice heard until human or genie or any other genies in the one body believes that smell must come or body must be seen or voice must be heard. If any genie or gods who did invisible spiritual porn with a human or genie who is in reality of humans without seeing or hearing them and without showing there body then it will be only feeling without they have smell and that smell will only come when human or genie have genies inside of them who believes that genies or gods did invisible spiritual porn and they will have smell to proof that world of god is true world only. So what is reality porn its just a sin for humans and genies and gods because smell comes and they see each other body and they hear each other and they get both smell so its not just invisible spiritual porn but its both partners body are seen to each other and they get smell naturally without any genie or gods in there body believing smell is coming on any of them because its reality for each other and even if they say smell will not come then also smell will come after they do reality porn and in invisible spiritual porn if any human or genie do invisible spiritual porn with there partner then human or genie who is not invisible can have control on them for smell to come or not smell to come even if private part is put on them by believing smell will come. Believe will only come from invisible partner when you see or hear your partner in reality otherwise you will not know whether your invisible partner had smell in there private part or not and smell will never come on human or genie if he doesn't believes smell was there in private part of his invisible partner. So if any humans or genies or gods who has not seen but felt there partners without seeing there body and did porn which is reality for them is just invisible spiritual porn and not reality porn where both partners touches and moves there hand or body. (one god of time died who was genius and intelligent and knew truth that some donkeys does not knew and they killed one god of time without knowing truth and by believing in other genies and gods who proofed they are true so magic happened a lot to kill one god of time and his family and his genies who were since the beginning of planet maybe) Those who sinned by...

Argument And Remember What He Said Or She Said Game Is Played By Whom ?

Do you know who plays do argument and remember what was said by the one with whom they are doing argument and remember others what was said by the one with whom they did argument to win from others and make against the one with whom they did argument and make them angry and force them say something against god or genies so they can remember others what they said against god or genies and win from them and make them against the one with whom they did argument. Genies and gods becomes fool and they can become fool for many years if they don't come to know someone mind is in jail who is trying to win from them by doing argument and remember them what someone said to them. If argument is done by emotions and sentiments and love or hatred or anything from which someone looses from you and tells you truth what you will do ? the genies and gods will do the same thing with you to win from you and cheat you so you become fool and even become against those whom you true love or love very much. You can practically test out by doing argument with your real enemies and remember others what real enemies told to you to others and you will notice what others will tell you or what others will do commitment. Its very easy to win from anyone by just doing argu

Genies And Gods Do You Believe You Are Original You Are Fake Then Me Proof How I Am Only Original

So some genies and gods says they are original and they know what are fake and who are fake but are they true ? why not test it out right now to see whether they are really true or not. Just ask the genies or gods any small part of them like small hair of there leg or there eyes or there single hair of head or there ear smell or there love feeling or there hatred in there understanding or anything of them separately even there private part if they have private part smell (are you original if yes then prove it by killing original genie from where you have come) and let the new genie who came out from there body or even from anything like memory know if they are cheating how they are cheating and see it and now prove if you are original then kill the original genie from where you have come and kill from there reality using different sense and different language or by creating a new language which you only know or by saying it from mind by getting mind without saying it and you can use different words not in correct manner and understanding what you are saying and you will see that original genie everything is original only and there original everything even kills them to prove they are original then them and its true and they will die and even the genies who comes from original genies anything will disappear to prove they are original and they will say god will make you alive why you are worried and original genies and original gods doesn't even knows they don't have control on there parts of body or anything of them. Original genies and Original gods everything is original only. So if i am true understand what is true love and know that even there is no such thing as true love for fake genies or fake gods because at any time your true love will kill you to prove he is original then you.

Genies And Gods If You Die In The World Of God Then Automatically You Will Become Alive (because its fake world for humans)

Can you believe in truth which is beautiful like me, its about whether world of god is true or not and i will proof you here how world of god is memory world only and memories are just memories and not true they are just dreams of humans or thoughts or even fake memories or fake thoughts. If genies or gods believes in the world of god by believing in truth that if they become true by anyone from reality then they will become alive automatically then if genies or gods becomes lie from someone memory of truth from reality then genies or gods will die and disappear and if anyone from reality who proofed they are lie from memory of truth remembers memory that they are true even not knowing that they died then they will become alive automatically. So world of god is beautiful memory world where memories can do anything like if there god becomes lie because of someone from reality then they force that someone in reality to remember bad memory so there god become true and becomes good and same thing for becoming alive too. Remember in fake world which is memory world you must not become bad or lie.

For Genies And Gods Once They Are Somewhere They Are There Only (proof that i am original from my maths)

If genie comes in body of human or genie in reality in some past time and leaves human or genie after taking revenge after sometime in future will they be still in body of human after sometime of future in human body ? the answer is yes its my beautiful maths where i proofed i am original and for me there is no age and there is no time and i am like same like i was in same time. I am telling to genies and gods now just believe that for genies and gods in the world of god and for any genies or gods in the reality if they believe past and future is in same time then the human or genie can call that genie in body of him at any time in future by believing if the genie is true and if genie believes past and future time to be in same time then human or genie in reality has to believe that the genie who came in body of human or genie believes that for genie past and future is in same time and when human or genie in reality just needs to remember memory from mind by bringing mind that if genie is true and believes that past and future is in same time then he is inside his body only from the time he came inside body of human or genie in reality or known to human or genie that he is in body of human or genie. You can use different language and meaning or create a language.

For Genies And Gods Believing In Truth Is Everything Without Any Support Of Genies (last technology of truth of ahmed)

Genies and Gods believes right now with having lie believe where they give genies or give property for anyone if they have done mistake or did something wrong but they never came to know truth that truth is everything so if genies or gods has to win from each other then they have to only believe in truth and if any genies or gods in the world of god in everything as a genie have to win from anyone they just need to believe in truth and believe in truth and win if others becomes lie who are against them. Its my beautiful maths where if genies or gods comes to know they want to go out in space out of this planet then if they come to know space access is blocked by some genies or gods then how genies or gods will win ? they just need to bring mind and ask from mind while having security near them and in them in what truth you believe in without letting other genies or gods know you are asking them something. Then immediately if they don't answer you can simply ask there hair or cloth or finger or nail or even there nose hair or anything like single pluck by saying from mind if you are original tell me in what truth you believe and that genies or gods will be forced to answer in what truth they believe and even you can ask there tongue or anything of them separately and they will be forced to reply. Which you will come to know as feeling or even they will say and you will hear it because original genies everything is original only. When you come to know truth in what truth they believe from which you are unable to have access to space then you can simply believe in previous truth or any other truth from which there truth will become lie and when they will become lie they will lost from you and you will have access to go in space. Truth is everything and I am only truth in universe who tells only beautiful truth so my new technology of truth makes genies and gods easy to live and they don't need to give genies to others or anything to others and they don't even need to take permission from anyone to go anywhere that means if they are true they win from anyone by believing in truth. So if you have to win immediately from anyone then you just need to do what i said by understanding my truth and believe in my truth and you don't have to talk to anyone if you have to win from them you just need to win from them through memories. The technology of ahmed is now online on world wide web for all genies and all gods if you understood me please subscribe to my youtube channel and please watch the video where i did joke that i am only original god of universe. Those who are of me will never do anything wrong and never cheat original god of universe. Truth is only for living a beautiful life and not harming or making crime or breaking laws in where you live. Just a note : you can use different language or different meanings while you ask question or different words with understanding to know truth and say something from mind and you can even create a new language where no body knows what is your language. Even understanding to know truth from genies or gods in...

Challenge To All Gods Win From Ahmed By Proving You Are Gods Without Remembering Memory From Mind That You Are God Or Without Understanding Anything

I challenge to all gods win from me by proving you are real original gods without remembering memory that you are gods or without understanding anything and without cheating and without use of genies like if you are gods then you must be recognized to others when they see your body and recognize you as god but not recognize you when they remember your memory (your saying i am god to others) or without cheating and without using genies and without cheating of any other god trying to help you so you are proven as god. God is god without remembering memory from his mind that he is god and god by his body not just god only when he remembers memory from mind. Its just challenge to all in many planets of torah and to some aliens gods but if they lost from me then i want them to marry me and stay with me forever and be only mine and don't believe in anyone except me and take care of me like they take care of human and loveĀ  them truly and understand me correctly how i talk and how i live and know that all memories are not real for me because i remember good or bad on anything after looking it to know its good or bad so its natural. I also want unlimited original kids with them from only girl gods only from my real body.

If God Doesn’t Remember Memory From His Mind That He Is God Is He Still God ? Or If Somebody Else Responses From There Mind Through Memory They Are God Are They God ?

If any god doesn't remember memory from there mind that they are god are they still god ? or if anyone remembers a memory from there mind by saying they are god do they become god ? or do they known as god ? Don't you believe gods just needs to remember memory then only they are gods otherwise if anybody else says they are god from there mind as memory then they become gods. Even if gods doesn't remembers memory from there mind by saying they are gods are they still gods from there body or not ? if they are still gods from there body then when anyone says they are god from there mind as memory that they are god then how do they become god for others ? Because they are many gods and every god says they are original god from there mind through memory. Gods says there is no original god of universe and universe is a dream and they say who wins from memory of truth calls themselves as original god so are they really original god who tells themselves to be original god or they just remember memory that they are original god after winning from any genies through proving memory of truth from which the genie lost and he tells himself as original god. Winning from genies through any memories of truth and declaring themselves as original god even when they are not original god and they know there is no original god and universe is a dream. Don't you believe genies will try to win from memories only through different languages so genies lost from any memory of language from which any genies don't protect language words or sentence and lost. If original god doesn't remember memory i am god is he still god ? or if someone remembers a memory by saying i am god does he becomes god and what if the one who remembers memory by saying i am god and if he is hacked or his mind is blocked or genies cheat to prove he is not god is he still god ? because god is god from his body but not from memory of him from his mind and everyone in the world of god will know who is original god even if god is hijacked and doesn't remember memory that he is original god. So how anyone can become god when the one who doesn't says i am god and someone else says i am god ? Can the one who says i am god will be god if he doesn't remember memory that he is god. Everything happens from memories only and memories are those which others comes to know it from others. Even if any genies tries to cheat and fool others to hide that someone is god will that god be still god for everyone or he needs to remember memory from his mind that he is god so genies lost from him and he needs to win from genies by saying he is god from his mind so genies lost from memory of truth. Even if god is hijacked by genies and if genies tries to hide that whom they hijacked is not god, the hijacked god is still god from body or not ? if he is god then how world of god doesn't comes to know it ? why that god needs to remember memory that he is god to win from those who hijacked him or why he needs to become true to win by saying he...