real god is only truth and other gods are kings so if other gods are king are they sinner ?

real god cannot be king from his reality but he can try to become king where he tells truth first but doesnt do bad to win like other gods tries to maltreat or force someone to sin or cheat or do anything to win from other gods which if others come to know its called as sin and gods health becomes bad and any genies who comes to know truth about gods who sinned sinned or cheated can die or there property can be thefted. real god tells truth how to win from any genies by just proving truth to other genies and win like messengers wins. God is never lie and never wrong and can god can punish anyone for anything if they punish or did something to god that means god knows truth about everyone and if someone does bad with him then as a punishment he will punish to those and according to understanding of truth god is true only and never bad and never wrong. For example how can gods give there girl genies to others so they enjoy because if anyone girls in reality to others by saying it was your fault so they are giving girls for you to enjoy means sin and crime and if anyone from reality comes to know this that it happens in world of god which is sinless world it is unacceptable to live in world of god for them and real god never gives his girls genies to anyone because he is never at fault and he will fight with truth only with other genies using argument and debate and dialogues and words. You can compare other examples by your own to know what king means and what real god means. Another example is that king will try to make sinners or proof someone is sinner or proof he is good after knowing if he proofs he is true he will live because he knows he is lie from real god.

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