Religions played world war 3 game but ahmed did praying and imandar and wafadar to jews and passed and got jodh forever who are there true lovers (holy book torah and torah forever and holy book torah of hashem light of god and true love) but what nirinjan kaur and jewish heaven god did after coming to know truth so nobody comes to know truth that ahmed is passed and world war 3 happens and they tried to kill ahmed by saying we are ending the world to finish ahmed after knowing ahmed is world

muslims and hindus and christians and some jews and bohra and shias and nusairys played world war 3 game to win from me and by imandari and wafadari and ibadat kartay way ahmed passed and got jodh of holy book torah and many others but some hashems wanted to kill ahmed because they came to know judaism will be finished if everybody comes to know truth about ahmed that he didnt sin and passed and got jodh and what jews did with ahmed and his some genies and that how there nirinjan kaur whom they believed to be torah how she played game to finish hashems and some torah families and judaism and how she tried to make ahmed as torah so torah is not finished and how she fooled and finished everyone and didnt let ahmed see or hear anything until now and she proofed ahmed is sinner and bad and hashem light of god genies killed ahmed and jews killed ahmed and hindus killed ahmed and she gave bali of ahmed for western wall hashem without letting ahmed come in genies world and from genies world for holy book torah and her torah planet family from knowledge world she forced ahmed to die for holy book torah forever because ahmed said he will not marry nirinjan kaur and ahmed became alive after dying forever as being first god of universe because he did prayings and iman daar and wafadar to jews and hashems and torah families but nobody came to know truth that nirinjan kaur did contract with hindus to finish judaism and torah families of this planet and leave planet after killing ahmed with her family.

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