Short Story On Genies And Gods Existence On Planet Earth (Ahmed Book 4 For Genies)

In the beginning the universe was just a fake dream and fake dream doesnt exist because nobody created fake dream and nobody saw fake dream and everybody now is in fake dream which doesnt exist and in the beginning in fake dream the first genie was ahmed and ahmed believed in fake dream that fake dream is true and because of ahmed the fake dream become universe which is now seen and heard to everyone and if believe is removed from universe then universe is not seen to life which is seen and heard because of believe of ahmed. There was one of planet earth and after ahmed created life inside planet earth through gods the life started saying from mind and from mind voice of life the genies started coming after life started believing in unseen to be true and the genies were just mind voice of life and the life started seeing and concentrating on sky to be true and unseen as god or someone and the life said from mind voice i know you exist and you will come to help me and save me while the life was dying and from mind voice of life the genie existed who was just a thought of life which was not seen or heard to life and without conciousness and wisdom and education and just change on talking of truth of life and talking of truth of life is understanding and thinking and dreaming and imagination and memory and thought. Life started talking bad on sky as god or unseen whom he said from mind voice as god or someone and genie who came from mind voice of life said came to know talking of life that life says whom he said as god or someone as you are wrong and lie i just feared and did imagination which can be known as acting too by fearing of death and the genie started taking revenge by keeping the genies inside the body of life by believing if i become wrong i will die from fearing and hatredness from talking of truth and he told me i am lie i will prove i am not lie and genie forced the life to say from mind voice that god or unseen whom he said as true and genie who is god or unseen or someone of sky was forced to change on memory of talking of life and if genie use to become lie then he use to force again to life to remember memory where life said he is true and he will not do anything to him and genie came to know life gets distracted from hatred and dislikeness and life got distracted from hatredness and dislikeness and genie started forcing the life to hate and get distracted so his power increases on life and life will forcely say to the god of unseen as sky whom he said as lie to be true. The life started getting hatredness and dislikness and the life said i will ask god or someone for help and when he said god or unseen for help then genie didnt troubled him by distracting and giving hatredness. The genie of sky who was god or unseen for life learned to live by getting understanding from life like whatever life was knowing the genie was understanding the same and he got conciousness and wisdom and intelligence slowly by believing in the life only and he started appearing in reality but genie was not like life who got mind and could say from mind and he could not think so he didnt knew how to make anything good and what life thinking means. life thinking was just talking of life on anything like doing investigation on own by doing doubt and when life who said from mind on sky as god or unseen or someone became true from mind voice the genie came in reality and proofed he is true otherwise genie could not come in front of everyone if he is not true and life didnt still knew that it was his genie who existed because of his mind voice and he came in front of him and walked in front of him and the life didnt knew and then genie went back in his world which is now known as genies world or world of god and genie started talking to life in his mind about himself and many things so he becomes true and he understands life and living and proof he is true and rule and slowly genies started controlling life who use to think and genies still didnt knew how humans think because they were forced to change on talking of truth of life and if they come to know anything bad about them from talking of life in there world then they can die if they are wrong and there power doesnt works because from reality talking of truth of life the genies are able to move and get winning whether they have wisdom and conciousness and life. Genies were short tempered like animals because if animals were troubled then they use to take revenge instantly and if genies use to come to know talking of truth of life as bad they use to take revenge immediately not knowing whether life is talking or dreaming or imagining or doing thought or remembering memory about them and if life doesnt responds to genie who starts taking revenge after coming to know bad talking about them then they use to create accident for life or death. Genie are also forced to talk fastly like if they come to know anything they respond very fast and because they are mind voice of life they dont eat food or drink water and from being true they become good and feel good and they dont know how much evil nature they have and how much bad they are for life who doesnt know how human talks and how what human means when they talk because they are short tempered and they talk very fast and if they dont change on sequence talking of life they have problem in understanding which proofs that genies are just mind voice. Ahmed was born on planet earth in 17-11-1981 and many came to know he is first god of universe and genies of planet earth feared from him after he was saying something from mind voice and they came by believing in ahmed and many aliens came too after knowing many genies who are gods will be dying by ahmed only and after they lost from ahmed they kept ahmed in life prison sentence and genies of planet earth were just like kings who force life to sin and do mistakes so they can be in control and believe in god to be true. Why would god tell to life to believe in him then he will give anything to him ? Ahmed said if god is true then he will tell his truth to everyone and make genies world and world of god real so genies of planet earth will not be change on talking of truth of life and they will be natural like life and even if life talks bad about any genies who are gods then nothing will happen to them and they will understand life by trying to investigate why he went against us and talk bad because genies are forced to change immediately on knowing talking of truth of life if they do not change then they can die or anything bad can happen to them and they even say our people who are our life in reality dies because of other life talking of truth and it effects. Who doesnt even know what is life and how life talks and forced to change on knowing talking of truth of life like doing imagination or dreaming or thinking or doing thought or remembering memory then all genies are lie only and ahmed made few of his kiev jewish messianic daughter and son as natural so they understand what natural means and how exactly life talks and how genies are forced to change on talking of truth of life and how they get mad like how they have a mad face which looks if they dont take revenge by knowing talking of truth of life. Ahmed tried making planet earth all genies natural but genies who were short tempered were believing in there truth that they are not lie and when they proven as lie then they started forcing ahmed to sin and do mistakes and said our god is not lie and they were talking about program of sin and blessing to ahmed by saying if our god witness becomes lie then he will become devil and many gods became devil by knowing talking of truth of life and genie who were short tempered starting forcely doing sins to win from ahmed and they filled ahmed body with full of sins and not removing sins so ahmed health becomes bad and others in the world believes ahmed is on medication and he needs to see doctor. Ahmed created this website so all understands what is genie who is god and how genie comes from mind voice of life from any understanding with imagination or visualization like god is big and god is of purity and pink and he loves everyone and he can have wings or any bamboo or anything from believing in truth by concentrating like doing serious acting where the life needs help and nobody helps him and he knows something bad will happen with him or even death because he fears from death. Even from time genies created religious places and they didnt knew what are humans and how humans talks and they lived with humans and said there god is true so they continue to live and fool life by saying they are true and there god never made them original because he was lie and dont know what true love means.

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