Anything That Happens To Humans Known To All Other Genies Happens Because Of Some Genie Who Holds In There Mind Human Will Be Doing Something

Everything happens to humans or genies because of some genies so if i am going to laugh it is going to happen because of some genie so if i do sin or hate or laugh or make friends then its going to happen because of some genie who will force me to do it in my head so who are these genies ? and even when genie tries to fool other genies how they try to fool by forcing human to like something or hate something or say something or laugh but other genies comes to know human has done something by his own and don’t find out truth why ? because genies are not natural like humans who auto finds who is trying to control humans and instead blame humans instantly. Not just genies who doesn’t have understanding or consciousness or alive but also genies who lives in reality and alive and have mind they decide immediately without knowing truth before coming to know truth. It proofs everything happens because of genies to humans and anyone who is alive or being but everything is a genie is lie in originality because original god of universe was fake genie in fake dream and if human spits then genies will not see human spit as genie before it comes in reality but later see it inside as a genie.