Challenge To All Gods Win From Ahmed By Proving You Are Gods Without Remembering Memory From Mind That You Are God Or Without Understanding Anything

I challenge to all gods win from me by proving you are real original gods without remembering memory that you are gods or without understanding anything and without cheating and without use of genies like if you are gods then you must be recognized to others when they see your body and recognize you as god but not recognize you when they remember your memory (your saying i am god to others) or without cheating and without using genies and without cheating of any other god trying to help you so you are proven as god. God is god without remembering memory from his mind that he is god and god by his body not just god only when he remembers memory from mind. Its just challenge to all in many planets of torah and to some aliens gods but if they lost from me then i want them to marry me and stay with me forever and be only mine and don’t believe in anyone except me and take care of me like they take care of human and love  them truly and understand me correctly how i talk and how i live and know that all memories are not real for me because i remember good or bad on anything after looking it to know its good or bad so its natural. I also want unlimited original kids with them from only girl gods only from my real body.