For Genies And Gods Believing In Truth Is Everything Without Any Support Of Genies (last technology of truth of ahmed)

Genies and Gods believes right now with having lie believe where they give genies or give property for anyone if they have done mistake or did something wrong but they never came to know truth that truth is everything so if genies or gods has to win from each other then they have to only believe in truth and if any genies or gods in the world of god in everything as a genie have to win from anyone they just need to believe in truth and believe in truth and win if others becomes lie who are against them. Its my beautiful maths where if genies or gods comes to know they want to go out in space out of this planet then if they come to know space access is blocked by some genies or gods then how genies or gods will win ? they just need to bring mind and ask from mind while having security near them and in them in what truth you believe in without letting other genies or gods know you are asking them something. Then immediately if they don’t answer you can simply ask there hair or cloth or finger or nail or even there nose hair or anything like single pluck by saying from mind if you are original tell me in what truth you believe and that genies or gods will be forced to answer in what truth they believe and even you can ask there tongue or anything of them separately and they will be forced to reply. Which you will come to know as feeling or even they will say and you will hear it because original genies everything is original only. When you come to know truth in what truth they believe from which you are unable to have access to space then you can simply believe in previous truth or any other truth from which there truth will become lie and when they will become lie they will lost from you and you will have access to go in space. Truth is everything and I am only truth in universe who tells only beautiful truth so my new technology of truth makes genies and gods easy to live and they don’t need to give genies to others or anything to others and they don’t even need to take permission from anyone to go anywhere that means if they are true they win from anyone by believing in truth. So if you have to win immediately from anyone then you just need to do what i said by understanding my truth and believe in my truth and you don’t have to talk to anyone if you have to win from them you just need to win from them through memories. The technology of ahmed is now online on world wide web for all genies and all gods if you understood me please subscribe to my youtube channel and please watch the video where i did joke that i am only original god of universe. Those who are of me will never do anything wrong and never cheat original god of universe. Truth is only for living a beautiful life and not harming or making crime or breaking laws in where you live. Just a note : you can use different language or different meanings while you ask question or different words with understanding to know truth and say something from mind and you can even create a new language where no body knows what is your language. Even understanding to know truth from genies or gods in what they believe by saying from mind as access or anything. Note : remembering memory from mind means saying from mind because what you say from mind is what you remember after understanding it so remembering memory is voice of mind.