Genies And Gods If You Die In The World Of God Then Automatically You Will Become Alive (because its fake world for humans)

Can you believe in truth which is beautiful like me, its about whether world of god is true or not and i will proof you here how world of god is memory world only and memories are just memories and not true they are just dreams of humans or thoughts or even fake memories or fake thoughts. If genies or gods believes in the world of god by believing in truth that if they become true by anyone from reality then they will become alive automatically then if genies or gods becomes lie from someone memory of truth from reality then genies or gods will die and disappear and if anyone from reality who proofed they are lie from memory of truth remembers memory that they are true even not knowing that they died then they will become alive automatically. So world of god is beautiful memory world where memories can do anything like if there god becomes lie because of someone from reality then they force that someone in reality to remember bad memory so there god become true and becomes good and same thing for becoming alive too. Remember in fake world which is memory world you must not become bad or lie.