Genies And Gods Can You Win Without Understanding

Understanding means learned what is good and what is bad in the language you born and understanding of any experience which already happened with you of good and bad. Genies and Gods wins from each other by proving truth or believing in truth in the memory they believe which they come to know from humans or from reality or from your god and believe in the memory you come to know from humans or believers from reality of universe and immediately you win from other genies by believing in the memory of truth. Genies and Gods cannot win without using understanding memory in simple sense can Genies and Gods wins from anyone without using understanding and silent and not understanding anything and without using understanding as talking or without using understanding as believing can Genies and Gods wins from anyone ? the answer is no because even one god of time needs to prove he is true using his understanding which is talking or memory for others because which others come to know is memory. I challenge to anyone even to one god of time and original god of universe and any gods if they exist or doesnt exist can you win from anyone without talking or without understanding anything or without remembering anything and without responding from anyone who proves they are true through talking or through memory or through any understanding by just keeping silent and quiet. There is only one answer and that is no. Because Memories needs to win from memories through being true which they come to know from humans or living beings. Without understanding you cannot win from anyone and that proves original god of universe is not original. Practically test it out i challenge you directly with any god you believe to be original and ask him to be quiet and not use any genies or anything on you in everything as a genie sense and you keep proving you are true through memories and see what happens to him and ask many genies and gods to remember memory that you are true and see what happens to him and you will understand that even original god of universe cannot win without proving through his understanding of memory which he come to know from anyone or remembered in past or current time. Do you still believe without having understanding you can win from anyone ? prove it i challenge you and if you lost from me then your is forever mine and nobody gets anything other then me and i get in my reality and even if i say to give it to anyone it must not be given to anyone and whether i remember memory that i won from you or not i must get what i won from you. Remember if you win from me you can come and kill me but if you do any kind of cheating or use genies in everything as a genie then you must die. Before accepting challenge remember i never lost and i always win from everyone because i am only true in entire universe and nobody is like me in universe and i am not saying in royalty or because of respect i am saying because understanding is nothing for me and i dont need understanding to win from you. I am sure you understood what i mean. Remember cheating is not allowed and try to win from originality like let me tell you example if i am original god of universe then i am original god of universe without having understanding of anything and i automatically get understanding of everything and my body is original god of universe body and so even if i dont remember memory that i am original god of universe then also i am original god of universe in originality from body without name written on my body that i am original god of universe so i am sure you understood challenge and will quickly understand truth. I am truth.