Genies And Gods Do You Believe You Are Original You Are Fake Then Me Proof How I Am Only Original

So some genies and gods says they are original and they know what are fake and who are fake but are they true ? why not test it out right now to see whether they are really true or not. Just ask the genies or gods any small part of them like small hair of there leg or there eyes or there single hair of head or there ear smell or there love feeling or there hatred in there understanding or anything of them separately even there private part if they have private part smell (are you original if yes then prove it by killing original genie from where you have come) and let the new genie who came out from there body or even from anything like memory know if they are cheating how they are cheating and see it and now prove if you are original then kill the original genie from where you have come and kill from there reality using different sense and different language or by creating a new language which you only know or by saying it from mind by getting mind without saying it and you can use different words not in correct manner and understanding what you are saying and you will see that original genie everything is original only and there original everything even kills them to prove they are original then them and its true and they will die and even the genies who comes from original genies anything will disappear to prove they are original and they will say god will make you alive why you are worried and original genies and original gods doesn’t even knows they don’t have control on there parts of body or anything of them. Original genies and Original gods everything is original only. So if i am true understand what is true love and know that even there is no such thing as true love for fake genies or fake gods because at any time your true love will kill you to prove he is original then you.