Genies And Gods Do You Do Interesting Chat With Your Enemies By Telling Doubts And Doing Acting With Entertainment To Win From Them ?

You can start doing interesting chat with your enemies by trying to fool them through telling them doubts on themselves and trying to fear them or force them to know what they hate and while you do interesting chat with them make sure to do interesting chat by doing acting which is entertaining to win from your enemies like doing interesting chat by crying or by doing interesting chat with love or by doing interesting chat with any entertainment topic but which doesn’t break relationship and you stay in control of yourself and note if your enemies lost from you because if genie or god fears by knowing doubts which you tell them and which fears them or makes them hate something or if genie likes your acting which is entertainment for him then they will tell you truth by keeping there mind clean and liking you or loving you. All you need is understanding of truth about humans and humans living and human surviving in good situation and human surviving in bad situation and you must learn human education and know about different societies so you will have knowledge just like humans have knowledge and you can do interesting chat just like humans chat with other humans with your enemies and trying to win from them by trying to fool them through telling doubts on themselves and making the chat interesting to know truth. If you come to know genie fears then you can take there winning or give them punishment or anything else but you must remember not to hurt anyone and just know truth. Interesting chat is also known as interestingly chat.