Genies Do You Still Believe Current World Of God Is Real World ? Its Lie World Proof By Ahmed

If you still believe current world of god is true and real and god is true and all gods are true then i will proof you how everyone in the world of god is lie and how i am true because i proved world of god is human memory world only and here is the proof now. If any god is trying to hide something written in his book or trying to cheat someone by changing what is written in book or trying to change writing in book immediately then you can reveal it immediately and easily. You just need to get mind and remember memory from mind of liking of whose book it is or disliking of whose book it belongs to and you will see the genie of the book immediately looses from you and you see what is written in the book clearly by genie and original. So start challenging genies who are trying to change there books immediately by just getting mind and remembering liking them by saying they are good or they are not bad and you will notice the book writing coming like it was and if some genie again tries to trick then he will trick using language of words only and if he looses from any memory of truth from your mind then book writing will come clearly again. So the current world of god is human memory world only or you can even say memory world of mind of genies or memory world of mind of humans.