Genies How To Solve Big Problem Of Your’s So You Don’t Become Mad By Knowing About Your God From Mind Of Anyone Who Lives In Reality ? Solution By Ahmed

Genies means thinking or thought or dream so whenever anyone understands something (for original genies) or thinks something on any genies family or there gods then they come to know it immediately in the planet they live. So if genies are of some god and someone remembers name of god by understanding something or thinking something on god then genies of some god are forced to change immediately and take action on them like to bless them or hurt them so in simple sense genies are forced to react on any understanding or thinking of humans or anyone from reality in the complete planet when they come to know any human or anyone memories from reality. Its not possible for genies to not know whether anyone has taken there name of god and said something for there gods from there understanding or thinking and understanding and thinking happens from mind only. So this is the biggest problem of them and they might become mad if anyone keeps remembering there gods name from there mind to love them or hate them with mix of different words in there sentence and with dialogue. So to save themselves they have to live like human lives and know only about there family like whether anything bad is happening to them or do they have problems or do they need something from which they will live happily and they don’t need to know private things like about sex or about there understanding and thinking from there mind on sex on man or woman because it must be private and its privacy. If current world of god is not at all correct and learned relationship like humans have then its just not the world of god and nobody has right to say it as world of god. The genies will have problem specially when they reply fast from there mind when they come to know something and if they don’t reply and don’t come to know everyone who takes there name of god on the planet then they will be quiet and not have any problems and when they are quiet they will have peace and know truth about anyone when they stay with those who are true or who told them truth which doesn’t becomes lie by anyone.