How Love Happens With God After Anyone Believes In There God To Be True?

You know when anyone loves god they love god only when they believe in god to be true and can anyone love god without believing in any god to be true ? believe comes only when you see and hear god from mind or from reality and love happens with god only when you believe in god to be true only.

Does this means if anyone tells you that you are last of ours and until you believe in our god to be true we will not let you enter into our world of god ? its not true because they need to understand love happens only when someone believes in god to be true only.

So i love god truly by believing in my gods to be true only and if someone says you have to believe in only our god to be true then is that just a man needs to understand that only one god is true from his understanding so his power of god works on him after god becomes true ? You need to understand that gods doesnt have control on anyone correctly if anyone dont believe in god to be true only and god is not that who forces anyone to force believe in him to be true because when anyone believes in any other god then his power works and even the one god lost from his from memories of any truth.

A god who doesnt have control on everyone completely can he be true if anyone doesnt believes in him to be true only because there are many religions and gods so if anyone just believes and gets believe from some god that he is true and he is good then if he remembers about another god name in his mind then at any time that god genies can take believe from him without taking his permission. Does that mean by gods that anyone must believe in them to be true only.

Can anyone keep the believe in them forever which they get by believing in one god to be true because when anyone remembers just name of any other god and if they like it or doesnt like after hearing the name of god by bad voice then what happens ? that god genies comes and takes believe from those who tells truth that someone who is taking name of some god and if they believe in truth that there voice is bad then in the god in whom anyone believes and got believe cannot do anything to stop other some god not to take believe from anyone.

So if believe is thefted from anyone after that anyone believes in only one god to be true after he hears the name of another god and remembers it and likes it or hates it then his believe is thefted by other gods and that anyone will not believe in one god to be true because his believe is thefted which he believed that only one god is true.

How much a man can believe in one god to be true after he gets believe and he hears names of other gods in different voices which he doesnt like or likes and what happens if a man doesnt likes or likes the name of gods in different voices, immediately the genies of gods whose voice the man doesnt likes or likes from his mind believe will be thefted and the man will again believe that there is no one god only and there is other gods too because when believe is thefted by just hearing names of gods in different voice of good and bad and liking it and not liking it then a man will simply not have believe and have doubt to know which god is only one god until he get confirmation after getting believe who is real one god.

Its believe only which tells the man and proofs it that real one god is only true after he gets believe and without having believe a man will only have doubts and not believe in one god to be true until he confirmed that his one god is only true and at any time those who believes in there one god to be true if they have any doubts or gets doubts from which there god becomes lie and wrong then there believe is completely finished after knowing truth that there god is not only real one god.

I am sure you have learned how believe comes and live a happy life because some gods on this planet believes in everything as a genie to be true which is seen or heard and they believe everything happens by genies only with humans or anyone and believes there is no real god and they are only real god but if there genies comes to know truth about there gods who are not true then those gods are lie and there complete believe is lie who taught to others that he is only real god.