Its too dangerous for genies to show themselves to humans because they react on memories (understanding or thinking) of humans or anyone in reality of universe – solution by ahmed

World of god of genies reacts completely on memories of humans and anyone who lives in reality of humans or in reality of universe and genies in everything as a genie sense gets property in the world of god of genies created by genies when they become true because of memory of humans or anyone who believes in them to be true. Genies post there videos on websites like youtube and many other video website where they show themselves singing or dancing or talking and if any human watches them and listens to them and dislike there anything from there sense of humor or living in there societies then they either like something which they like in there societies or dislike something even if it looks good because of there living in there societies. So if any human watches genies and dislikes them by remembering memory through (understanding or thinking) then immediately genies are forced to act on knowing human memory. Dont you feel its too dangerous when a human simply dislikes something of a genie who looks like human to them and they dont know at all who are genies and who are humans and humans dont even know what genies will do with them because humans are too sensitive and humans are controlled from memories of past or any new memory through genies and if humans dislikes something or hates something then genies wins from human and genies becomes true and genies can control human to sin or do anything like forcing human to go against there god or what human doesnt likes genies will force them to do. So what is the solution ? if genies stays in reality permanently for some years then they have to know what are humans and everything about humans correctly like humans remembers memories which are not true for them because they dont see them and genies need to remember humans do what they learn in there societies specially from there parents so whatever they say from voice of mind they say what they learned and its not real for them because if humans come to know that they are watching genies on websites like youtube who looks like humans then they will not watch them because they will know what are the problems because they will be forced to remember bad on looking something bad which looks bad in there mind which they learned in there societies. There is another solution ? that is to stay with original truth where they have understanding of truth and they dont help for the name of god or anyone who takes name of god only and they just need to help those after knowing who needs help on knowing anyone understanding of trouble by believing in themselves to be true after  truth which i told on my believerism religion which doesnt becomes lie by anyone because if they are true from understanding and doesnt becomes lie by anyone then they can help anyone on understanding of trouble but they need to have understanding of truth and when they help anyone they will get believe in themselves that they helped someone in many places at the same time and they will not be forced to act on memory of name of god and they will be free from mind having peace always to visit anyone at any time and help anyone but they must never hurt humans or anyone to get believe from them. Please remember if you any genies in everything as a genie sense do anything wrong then they will be caught automatically. Humans love those who helps them like i also love someone who helps me a lot even if i dont remember name of god. I also help others even if they dont take name of god. A human without a name is known by his face and body as human so god is not known originally by name of god.