Talking of truth of life is genie or god

genies and gods are just talking of truth of reality of life how i will prove you. If genies brings mind and understand from mind and looks from there eyes on something beautiful and if it looks good to them then it is true and there mind get believe which is power that they are true and when they see now on something else from mind and understand that something is god or genie and he or she is true and believes he or she will come then it comes who is just believe of talking of truth of reality automatically and they believe from whom they came in world of god and if they are proven as lie and from those from whom they have come then they do anything to win and continue living and become true like forcing who brought them to be sinner or bad if who brought them tells them he or she is lie who proofs how they come or how they exist because of them they came and even if they lost and after they get wisdom and consciousness and intelligence if they come to know they were property of god and those who brought them are property of god then they will take revenge from those who brought them and these genies just changes on talking of truth of reality so they can be in control of anyone and if who brought them fears from them that whom they brought will come in reality to prove they are true even without they have wisdom and consciousness and others believe in them to be true but they are just talking of truth of reality from mind of genie or life who understood and believed in some truth from which they were able to bring genie from reality or in the world of god and genies exist in world of god from life through thinking after becoming truth. Talking of truth is just hearing voice or knowing voice of others or just understanding words of language which are known as voice to others.