Understanding Humans Correctly For Genies (Ahmed Book 1 For Genies)

humans talks in short stories about anything from mind which is temporary according to moond and they say anything without knowing someone is knowing there talking of mind and if genies lives with humans they have to interrogate about human talking after human comes to know genies are with them and they will tell there wish after realizing what they need otherwise they will just say they need money or anything without telling them in detail and realizing what else they need and how they need otherwise genies will accept wishes of humans just by listening the word human needs money he said from mind so remember if human says from mind without knowing genies are with him then its just nonsense talking because human is controlled by genies forcely to say good or say bad and they are located in different parts of body and when genies comes to know whether human wishing something then genies need to find whether human is asking for wish because of some genies inside him in reality and human talking is temporary so genies needs to interrogate so in interrogation human will explain in detail what he needs but genies are not like humans and they are forced to change on talking of human because genies lost from talking of human and genies reacts on knowing what human told them as they dont remember what human told them without human remembering what they said or did or wished. With human genies have to stay as true only otherwise human will believe in them to be true. human talks in short stories only like if i am listening to a song i will start my story from my mind on song that its hurting me and i will say anything which is not true and its nonsense short story of me and then i will something in my room like a picture and i will start my short story on it saying anything how it looks or anything which is nonsense talking only. I talk like i learned in my reality in society from parents and others and i talk nonsense only because i dont know about genies comes to know my talking of mind and change my living. If human comes to know there talking is known by genies they will fear because genies dont interrogate and believes every talking of human to be true. Human is helpless remember because if he fears from anything he will ask for help from anyone even from his enemy and if human hates anything he will not like it again remember not to force human to hate anything because it will be impossible for him to like it again because human have mind and they never forget what bad happened to them. Human also talks in imaginary talking which is temporary in reality and from mind too sometimes if they dont know genies are hearing there talking. If human understands anything then it can be because of some genies inside him telling him something and human says from mind which is not true but genies believes human said it which is not true.