What Is Human ? Understanding Humans By Ahmed

Humans have brain from which they understand and think and when thinking comes in there mind they have many questions and many doubts and many answers and they try to become better and better because thinking makes them perfect and thinking makes them bad because of any doubts in there mind. So human is temporary living being because he thinks and if he fears or hates anything then he can die because of genie or fear thinking which happens in his mind which he didn’t had experience and not think before on how to save himself and not fear when someone fears him or hatred comes on him. let me give you example i proved how the planet formed to some of my genies in everything as a genie sense and because i am living a human life i had good experience now since i am human will i need to proof again and again how planet was formed and if i see a video where in video it shows moon formed because of some planet and if someone ask me a question how moon was formed or how planet was formed then i would say by thinking i don’t know exactly by having doubt which i didn’t tell to everyone because i was watching a video of science which is not by god and it is not genuine and science too do prophecy like thinking and making it happen by clearing doubts so science is actually a human only in different sense in planet earth. So if anyone ask me how the moon was formed or earth was formed then i will say i don’t know exactly as its shown by science so i know its not accurate and i am talking how moon was formed from planet earth or how earth was formed where i doubt whether it was formed like in the science video showed or not because i think and i doubt even for the time being even after knowing truth that how planet and moon was formed because i think i doubt just like a human doubts for some time without proving again and again that i know how it is formed because its human life and human doesn’t need to proof again and again how moon is formed or how planet is formed. Remember i showed how planets and other things were formed by believing in truth so i didn’t see it is created how and until i see it by myself how it is created i will not reply instantly how planet was formed to anyone who shows me video how planet was formed. For some time being human can also doubt or say anything where he just imaginate’s even after know how moon is formed or how planet is formed. If the world of god is not on believe then can gods understand or think anything or not and if they cannot even understand or think anything how they will know what is good or what is bad and they cannot even imaginate from there mind anything which is not real and have fun in there mind on understanding or thinking anything on there own which is not real just like understanding and thinking is not real for humans. Like for example a human will reply to his father you are donkey from his mind through understanding or thinking in front of him and his mind is cleaned by saying what his father is unable to know it if his father torture him and his mind becomes clear because he is not bad in reality of father but just says anything which he knows is not real and which is temporary god cannot even make his mind clean by saying from his mind to someone as donkey because he knows its real and real for anyone who lives in the world of god who says to anyone that if someone is donkey from there mind then they become donkey that means gods doesn’t have control on themselves to just say from mind to anyone as donkey and not make that someone as donkey and same with genies but human thinks and says anything from mind which is not real as he knows it.If gods and genies had freedom to understand and think something which was not real for them and real when they commanded someone to become something from world of god was it better ? you can compare what i am saying and see the current world of god doesn’t even have control on themselves and on any memory of truth of human if he lies or just imaginate’s then they believe it is true without investigating whether it is true or not and by saying your mind voice which is thinking is heard by angels of god. Don’t you believe at any time humans can just say from mind again and again how to fool genies and gods who are forced to react on any memories of there names of god. Let me give you another example where i just do discussion from mind like god is beautiful i know but i will say from mind as god is bad also which is not true and what will happen if i just do discussion from mind the angels of god who reacts on memories of humans will take action immediately and become against me and if i don’t tell them i was discussing they will not leave me and make my life bad. God’s cannot even do discussion from there mind just like human thinks. Humans thinks from there mind which is discussion for them and real for gods and genies. So did gods and genies and world of god ever understood what are humans or not ? hahahahahah update all worlds of god truth on what are humans and all gods and all genies and planet earth and all other human planets and even if any planet wants to know then this short literature is gift for them. One more thing human also do arguement and debate from mind and he can joke while doing argument to proof he is good or from big family.