What Since 1600 Years A God Keeps Proving Truth Through Genies And Keeps Winning

Yes it is true if you understand what is tirtungi and what tirtungi means then you will live if you are genie after you are born by continue proving truth to through genies to live and survive in front of other gods and you will play with emotions and sentiments and anything to win and keep proving that you are true through your genies on any truth you come to know of other genies and prove you are real god and other genies will be fooled with your tricks and you will teach your genies to challenge or do anything to win at the same time if your truth becomes lie so your genies recycle winning to stay you to be true. Tirtungi means keep proving truth on truth you come to know so your mind stays cleaned and your power works on others and you dont lost from anyone of whom your truth you come to know.