Why Genies And Gods Cannot Think To Decide What Is Good Or What Is Bad For Humans Or Living Beings ? Without Knowing Memory From Humans Or Living Beings ?

Because they are fake and they act on memories from humans and living beings only and according to me if anyone thinks just like humans thinks then there thinking will be a genie who will not be seen or heard to them until they believe there thinking to be true which comes in dream of them when they think. So there are many worlds of god and nobody thinks in worlds of god ? Worlds of god is like this only because they are not original like humans and they came from memories and continues to live and come in reality of humans to prove they are true and understand humans and goes back in there world of god and then also they dont think. If they will not think how they will decide what is good or what is bad for them ? and decide what must be given to them or taken from them directly from the world of god without humans remembering memories to like something or dislike something. When world of god genies and gods will be able to think they will be able to remember about there believers like humans or living beings and they will automatically decide what is good and what is bad for them and make there living very good. Please remember i am telling about genies and gods who lives in world of god only but not those who takes decision by genies or gods who lives in reality of humans.