Why Spit From Genies Or Gods Of Worlds Of God Doesnt Comes On Believer In His Reality Of Humans Even When Believer Believes It To Be True

Because if any genies or gods keeps taking out believe from believer by forcing him to remember bad or proof that he is of his religion or he belongs to his god or he belongs to his genie then if believer doesnt remember a memory that he is not of any gods or not of any genies or not of anyone then he will win from genies or gods and his believe will not be thefted and if spit doesnt comes in his reality when genies or gods spits on him from worlds of god then its because he doesnt believe the spit to be true and unable to feel completely that is spit only and might have any doubts on anything from which the spit doesnt comes in reality from genies or gods of worlds of god. If believer doesnt have much believe then even if genies or gods spits on believer then spit wont come but believer will feel it and believer has to believe and say from mind through memory or think that spit is true then it will be visible to him in his reality. But if believe is thefted from believer then even if believer believes spit which genies and gods spit on him will not be visible to him neither smell of spit will come on him until some genie will believe that genies or gods spit is true and smell will come who have believe.