Thought genies are fake only and there world of god is fake only because they come from reality part of thought and part even doesnt disappears or removed

all gods and all genies and everyone of the world of god are fake thought genies only because they come from reality part of thought and reality remains like it is and they say after coming in reality we have come in world now and we will take care of everyone of us. They dont even know what is life and how they talk and how they behave and they dont know life understanding or thinking means which is fake and not true for them. Which is real according to you the part of space of thought from where god has come or the god who has made universe which is fake and doesnt exist as real by making it real and god doesnt exist in reality he believed and existed in fake dream which doesnt exist and he created fake which was not seen or heard or existed as real and fake which didnt existed become real by his believe and everything happens by him only in universe which is reality for him because for him reality is thought and reality thought is world of god for genies who reacts only on knowing truth from reality through life and at any time on knowing truth they are forced to change and they have animal nature in themselves like they cannot control themselves after coming to know truth from reality from life because they are thought genies. According to you who is real god the god who has come from thought of reality which is universe or from whom the universe is real. From where gods has come ? i am asking question to all gods and tell me whether you are true or not whether you came from thought of reality of universe or from reality of universe from which part ? whether that part is still there or disappeared and if that part has disappeared and you claim you brought the part of space from where you have come then can you prove from whom you took permission to bring that part of space ? like a genie can bring land so from whom he takes permission and brings land into reality.

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