torah is alive or not and if somebody was believing in torah to be true then ahmed was becoming true and ahmed was married to torah and they had millennium original kids like human from understanding born daily

torah was ahmed and people were believing torah is dead and they didnt knew if they believe ahmed is true then torah becomes alive and they were saying ahmed killed torah and even torah black monkey verses genies said torah is lie because of ahmed who is enemy of torah. They didnt understood that torah is ahmed only and if ahmed is true then torah is true because ahmed wife is torah and all genies of torah in everything as a genie sense becomes alive because of ahmed only when any torah genies believes in torah to be true then ahmed becomes true automatically. So those who believed if ahmed is true then torah is not true are lie and wrong and dont know what is god and what is torah. Ahmed and torah marriage and true love proved they are forever and they died forever and became forever many times and its impossible for anyone to break relationship of ahmed and torah. Some torah genies stopped believing in torah after coming to know there life is becoming bad and they are dying when they are believing in torah because enemies were killing ahmed and torah together to win from ahmed and torah and prove ahmed and torah is lie and wrong and there true love is wrong and bad and sexual. After marriage a partner do sex and its permissible for partners only.

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