Understand Believerism Religion Terms And Conditions

By Entering You Agree Terms And Conditions of Using Believerism Religion Meanings Of Genies and Gods In Videos and Blogs and Posts and of University : When Ahmed talks about genies or gods then he doesn’t tells to any genie or any god of any religion who are known to humans and he talks about world of god of genies created by genies because the world of god which is commonly known to humans is created by god only but the world of god of genies created by genies is created by genies which runs on memories, understanding,thinking,dream,imagination of humans only and humans knows genie is not god who is forced to respond on immediate question he comes to know. Ahmed respects all religions and all gods and never goes against any religions or any gods as broadcasted by him in one of his video and lecture on his youtube channel Believerism Religion. Peace on all religions specially hindusim,islam,christianity,judaism,sikkkism and all other remaining religions and peace on all gods and specially hindu god and allah of islam and christianity god and jewish god and wahe guru and all other remaining gods and peace on all genies of all gods in everything as a genie sense of all religions and ahmed says i love you to all these gods and thank them and dont want to loose opportunity to kiss there legs for supporting him and making ahmed bold and beautiful and ahmed clearly mentions if he has done any mistake by disrespecting any poor god or rich god or poor genie or rich genie in world of god of genies created by genies then he apologizes to them in front of everyone. Important : You agree you understand ahmed believe of videos and blogs and posts and lectures and photos through ahmed understanding and ahmed thinking which you found on www.believerism.com and ahmed youtube channel believerism religion. Ahmed is currently in india and he says jai hind and salutes martyrs of india. Believerism Religion is also part of entertainment.