understanding what thinking means for kids and family. (original winning of ahmed)

if i understand and write and understand what i am writing and read i am forced to think and thinking is not real because what i am understanding and reading and understanding what i am writing and thinking from mind is real for genies and gods and all genies and gods believe every thinking of human or even of genie like me to be true and they dont know whether human or genie think temporary or fake or real they dont know because they believe every thinking to be true of human or genie like of me and they live on thinking of human or genie like me from whom they become true and continue to live and thinking is fake only because its thinking from mind of human or genie like me which is listened as saying from mind of human or genie like of me if believed to genies and all gods.

Practically think and test to know what exactly happens when you think of something if you are life who comes in your body or head and if you dont respond what will happen genies who doesnt have wisdom and consciousness or learned my knowledge of truth simply completes my thinking to be true and if i talk anything like in movies genies talks from thinking then genies will accept thinking to be true and my life will become bad and i will know that there genies and gods since there beginning is lie only and never true and trying to rule on humans and gives them punishment and on thinking of human they punish without knowing truth and they didnt knew what thinking means since beginning of them and they tried to control human without understanding them and put genies on them to control them and did dejavu on weather and planet by saying its artificial and not knowing who is real god for whom everything is fake and everything runs by his believe who is me only and everything is fake for him which he proved in his holy book of ahmed by even saying how he will die which will never happen.

All genies and all gods are lie except first god of universe who is me proof is dana (bipasha basu and sri devi and many other aliens of me who has come with me) and i never lost and if anyone tries to make time bad then they lost and they get caught. Time is created inside planet earth by the genie who forces others to live by him and he will do anything to run time according to him that means i didnt created time which i told since the start of telling my believe.

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