what are genies ? and how there power works on other genies who says they are god ?

if i like music then if genie believes that i like music which is true then her power starts increasing and works on me and at the same time if some god says what i like music is temporary or not true and i dont say from reality that i dont like music then that god becomes lie from just genie who believes i like music and she is able to take anything from god who tried to prove me as lie. It proves god is nothing just a genie who tells to himself that he is god by controlling genies and knowing truth and wins from others through keep proving to genies memories of reality that he is true. If genie is true then he is able to put anyone in jail or do anything to anyone of god who is in reality because the god is lie and if he is lie then his rulership is finished and any genie will rule on his people and him whom he claims to be his people.

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