what cheating genies can do to win from real god ?

if genies comes to know real god is on planet then they will try to keep a genie inside him to prove they are true and they can levitate inside body of god to proof they are true to others and they can theft winning without permission by forcing god to say something and forcely remembering god genie to remember what god said and they will try of fool others by forcing god to remember something from which any genies lost from them and they will try to use argument or dialogues or anything else from which genies will lost from them and they win and they can proof try to stretch body of god so others comes to know god is not true and they will try to force born kids from god so there kids believes they are god son and there power increases and they try to control god and they even accept wishes of god using few words. So genies can do many other cheating like fooling one person by saying its by god and others refer to others so god looses from them.

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