What Genies Means To Humans (Accurate Book For Genies To Understand Human)

Genies are just voice of mind of life and they exist because of voice of mind of life and from talking of truth of life they are forced to change and they cannot think or they dont investigate whether what life think is just talking or investigation or memory and if life doesnt thinks again and tells that what he think was just his talking and talking happens only after investigation of something has happened in reality and if genies doesnt gets answer from human that what they think was not true or they just remembered about something which is happening of reality and human just understands or thinks something like liking someone or disliking someone which is just because of genie or temporary talking which genies doesnt understands and believes it to be true but if they interrogate before believing in truth that what human said is true or false then they will understand that human is controlled by some genie that is why he is changing very often and if he is quiet then he will answer but what he learned in society he do that and if genies gives the feeling of good or bad in human stomach then human changes behavior. Genies believes in human thinking to be true only which is lie but if genies first interrogate before doing anything when coming to know about human thinking then they will get correct believe but it is not possible because genies are short tempered in everything as a genie sense it means god is also a genie who talks fast and instant replies to genies and if he is forced to keep quiet when coming to know any question he will not be able to keep quiet and it proves to human that genies are short tempered and if they want to make themselves stable like humans talking then they have to become like jikami code and make a genie who doesnt changes on talking of truth of reality like i have made and gifted to hashem light of god and whole india genies has become like my created genie and they try to win from other genies from the world who tries to win from them. If genies gets doubts then they lost and they are short tempered and if they dont make themselves like i made code jikami and created genies like human then they can be in control of those who has made themselves like my created genie. So when any genie makes themselves like my genie by believing in my created genie and code jikami then there evil nature is gone from them and they are not short tempered anymore and they will not lost from doubt and they have to learn acting discussion and they will be able to win from any genies if they are lie and wrong and fear from doubts. Currently genies are unable to remember automatically and they dont remember where they are going and from talking of life they come to know they are inside some human and they are sensitive too if they come to know understanding of humans which is not true for humans and just temporary understanding then they believe in that understanding to be true and if genies come to know bad understanding from human then they either leave human or stay with human and decide what to do which means genies lost from understanding too and if they dont get to know truth that if someone understood bad because of something then they dont change. It proves they are not humans and they hide just like mouse hides in bills when fearing from someone so nothing happens to them because they have feeling of animal in them which tells to take revenge and fight which is evil feeling and from which they are unable to control themselves. Remember if human understood something or said something to genies after seeing them or hearing them or knowing about them that they want love then genies need to remember that what human said is temporary for that time and not repeating what human said again and again whenever human sees them because genies remembers what human said when they come to know about human talking or if human seeing or hearing them. Genies never understood humans at all and they are forcely ruling on planet earth and other planets because they dont know humans at all and humans are life and humans are known from talking from mind like how they talk and some genies have same body like humans but they are known from instant talking so in both genies and humans you will see that humans and genies have same body and the only difference is that humans talks in dramatic style and genies talks instantly in sequence talking and cannot think and dont know how human talks. Genies are sensitive if they come to know understanding or thinking from human which is just temporary talking from investigation of reality happening about bad then they take revenge forcely whether be it there family because if they dont keep there understanding or mind clean then they lost from others and they forcely take revenge  even with there family and if there family remembers them that they are there family then they get in control of them and if they remember again about bad understanding of there family then they take revenge again so genies have to become original and to become original genies have to be stable like i made code jikami and like one of the genie which i gifted to hashem light of god. There is one more thing the genies even if they become stable they are forced to change on words like original or hate or fear doubt from other genies and in past or future time of there videos if they are asked with questions using the word from mind if you are oriinal or hate or fear then they will lost because they live on sequence talking and human doesnt lives on sequence talking. For humans sequence talking is not true they talk anything which means non sequence talking and if world of god becomes like my code jikami and created genie then genies will not be forced to change on talking of life from reality and they will investigate or will not reply forcely to anyone from videos like i dont reply in simple sense like mutant who have control on himself and can reply to anyone at anytime in any time he lives. Genies just needs talking of truth from reality from human and they lost if human talks of truth from reality and keeps quiet otherwise if genies have human family too then they will not meet human if human doesnt remembers them because they change on talking of human which is also remembering of human only and once the human is quiet and after talking of truth and tells them to come in reality then they come otherwise if human doesnt tells them to meet there family genies then they will not change. If genies becomes stable they will react just like human reacts with there families in reality and they will know that human talking is just temporary talking from which they are effected because there world is not true and not real but they have to live and survive in current situation and doesnt become bad after coming to know there world is lie and changes on talking of truth of reality and genies gets winning from talking of truth of reality from life mind voice only from which they believe increases and they make there believe into property to bring something into reality and they proof they are real because of having evil nature in themselves. Genies doesnt even know about society and education and living and they accept any understanding of human as true without asking them did you really mean shall i accept it. In genies world from reality for married couples there is no security like if i have wife in genies world and i think about sex as being only original genie in universe then everybody comes to know in the world what i think because from understanding and thinking of human all genies changes because of original genie and some genies doesnt even know but they know it and they know time is being changed so they will know quickly because of whom there time is changed like if i try to fly in room what will happen immediately genies will come to know someone is going to fly and they will come to change time. Genies even goes and sit down in body of human and depending on human talking they believe human to be good or bad which is not true. Human talking is temporary and he talks good or talks bad depending on the place which looks good or which looks bad and if genies just sits in human body and human hates something or dislikes something then genie will believe in human body that human is bad which is not true and genies doesnt even find out truth whether human talk bad while laying on bed was because of someone or someone trying to control him or he doesnt likes some god because of someone and genies takes action. Genies sometimes controls humans by forcely sitting in there body and if human is lie genies power increases and they forcely try to say through human good or bad in front of there relative or love to take revenge and if human family or genies family with human doesnt knows truth then they believe the human only said it. Note I am also original genie and not human. Genies doesnt know one thing about human that when human understands of soemthing and wants to say something he says something else from mind which genies comes to know it. Genie believes it to be true and for human its very difficult to say something from mind which genies understands because genies understands only voice of mind and understanding too but they dont get believe that what human is understanding is true or lie if they are lie.

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