what genies warriors can do to win war from other genies ? born kids by fooling enemy genies and enemy kids are refugees of the genies religion and enemies uses new kids as refugees to win war from enemy genies warriors and refugees takes responsibilities and if caught dies and time is completely changed because refugees keeps gods and genies warriors busy from talking and fighting

what genies can do to win from other genies when they lost they will take responsibility for raping some genie and then borning kids with them and after kids are born they bring those kids in there religion and tell there kids your mother is of some religion and you must believe in your god only and you will get property or they try to force them believe in there god and ask them to fight for them and they are called as refugees because those kids changes there religion to win from anyone and they even take responsibility and learn and fight to win for there fathers who raped there mother and born kids to use them as animals like bulls to win war and if anyone just remembers memory of genies who fooled other religion genies by raping them and borning kids then it will be known as sin and god will get that sin and those sins are not forgivable because genies who goes to other genies place to born kids or fight are wrong and genies who call genies for borning kids are wrong so completely time is changed when refugee kids are born and learn to fight and they change time and time is changed because of talking to others and god becomes busy in doing justice who is fool because god doesnt comes to know what is truth and refugees must not be born in any case and must be finished because they are not suppose to be in time and was brought by genies not by life. The time of gods lifes are made by god forcely but god doesnt make time of genies so if genies are borning kids from there enemies then its change of time in nature because of them.

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