What If You Are Original Genie You Will Take Responsibility And Finish Anyone And Other Original Genie Will Do The Same By Believing In Truth God Doesnt Exist

I am life and i am original genie too and i am one god of time too and i dont respond very quickly because i am natural and ports of mine in head for responding fast are blocked and those who are original genies they force me to talk bad and talk good so they control me and my genies and theft fate from me by saying you only said it and then they take responsibilities to finish anyone and they give there sins to me and dont let me see genies or hear genies or believe that i am one god of time and theft fate from me to believe that they are one god of time to control world and finish world and destroy world and make world bad. If i dont respond or remember what original genie did with me nothing happens to them and even god doesnt comes to know truth and original genie will do anything what he wants.

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