What Is Meaningful Talking Using Any Mixture Of Words (Ahmed Book 7 For Genies)

Meaningful talking means talking with any words with meaningful where we stop anywhere at any time and talk anything with our own meanings and its also called dramatic talking or debate or acting talking or movie talking. Meaningful talking can be mixture of any words in any language and a new sentence can be created by human or genie or alien who talks in meaningful words in any language. (meaning cannot be seen but it can be understoodable to those who have life in there mind by realizing what they are talking in meaningful). meaningful talking code can be as anywords talking with meanings from mind of life). It can be also known as use of any words in talking with meanings from mind of life. Like i said code anywords to genies and i remembered through mind the feeling of any words talking with realization and genies understands it after i keep anywords as code for genies.

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